• Billy Jealousy Skincare is the perfect way to get men to love proper skin care. Known as a cosmeceutical, the Billy Jealousy line has taken away all the frills associated with the female-centered world of skin care. The result is simple, effective products designed for a man's style and his unique skin care needs. Billy Jealousy products are infused with healing and enriching botanicals such as grapefruit, sage and peppermint. The full line of shave products, skincare and haircare leaves you with clean, clear skin and soft, smooth hair.

    The Super Slick Shave Cream is a must try for every hip, sophisticated man. Featuring a unique blend of fruit oils and botanicals, the cream is designed to protect skin from irritation. The silky texture applies easily, withouth a greasy residue. The cream's moisturizing properties leaves behind fresh, smooth, soft skin after every shave.

    The Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conitioner is a go-to product for any man concerned about hair damage. Designed to help combat hair loss, Cashmere Coat utilizes a blend of herb and fruit extracts that leaves hair full and soft. Finally, a conditioner that helps naturally prevent hair loss without the use of chemical ingredients.